October 13th, 2009

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Welcome to squee_4_glee!

To those of you who heard about this comm via word-of-mouth and are already here, thank you for putting up with the comm's under construction state. There may be one or two more administrative posts over the next couple of days as we polish up our infrastructure, but we do plan on going live with episode discussions Thursday, October 15th. If you haven't already done so, please check out the amazing profile layout & graphics done by nuclearpez here. A re-posting of the finalized Rules & Guidelines of the comm will be posted in the next day or two.

This comm is going to work a little different than most fan comms, because it's purpose is different from most. People are drawn to fandom for many different reasons - the fic, the icons, the hype, the shared fan-consciousness. For many people, one of the best things about fandom is the ability to analyze, nitpick, and generally obsess over the little things. This comm will provided a place for gleeks to be geeks about all aspects of the show - from Will's moral standards to Artie and Tina's undeniable UST, from song choice (and execution) to the use of color in expressing themes, from line-by-line breakdowns of individual episodes to attempting to figure out just what is going to be the fall out from the baby-selling plotline.

To keep conversation flowing, without spamming your flist, there will be daily, mod-created posts that follow a set weekly schedule. Your mods are risti, nuclearpez, and littledust. Aside from the daily posts, the mod team will be around participating in discussion (because we love this stuff), but also making sure the conversation stays good-spirited and relatively on-topic. You may also see the occasional administrative post done by s4gmod, a shared journal representing the mod team.

Weekly Calander

You've probably noticed all the characters hanging around. We've decided to let them talk introduce their favourite topics every week. In the future, general mod-posts such as this one will probably be handled by Will (aka Mr. Shu), and watch out for Sue if you break the rules!

Like I said, we'll be launching this Thursday with discussion of Episode 1.07. For a further description of the daily topics, see Artie's Archive, which will be updated daily once posting begins. This Friday's post will attempt to collect all known spoilers for the show, to create a quick resource for those who just can't wait. Saturday's post will be open to members and non-members alike for any Glee-related discussion. Sunday we'll be launching into plot discussion with a focus on the fast-paced timing of the series so far, Monday will be all about Will Shuester himself, and Tuesday we'll open up discussion for the original two 'ships of this series - Terri/Will and Quinn/Finn. We'll be alternating topics weekly on Wednesdays, and this week will look at the cinematography of the show, while the following week will deal with the use of music and dance on Glee.

So... have your opinions, theories, and fan-essays ready to go. It's almost time to start digging into our favourite new series of the fall!