October 16th, 2009

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10/16/09: Finn's Spoiler Play-By-Play (Spoiler Database)

made by risti

Finn needs some help collecting up all the spoils

Hey everyone. Wow, are there ever a lot of you. It's kind of cool, the way you all just sort of showed up. Did you all check out Kurt's Viewing Party? I tried stopping by there - and from the sounds of things, the party is still going on - but he wouldn't let me in the door. Something about how it wouldn't be appropriate for my sensitive ears. What do you think he meant by that?

Anyhow, you're all here for those spoilers, right? Look, here's the thing. I don't really know any. I mean, obviously, I'm not psychic or anything, so how am I supposed to know what happens in the future? But Mr. Shue explained that it's like when Coach makes us watch all those videos of the other teams playing. If we can figure out why they do what they do, then we'll know what's coming. Then sometimes, you get cases like Robbie Robson, where his dad moved and he got transferred schools mid-season, and when he joined the team he told us all about his old team's plays. That was really cool, and really nice of him, when you think about it.

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