October 17th, 2009

  • s4gmod

10/17/09 - Puck's Swingin' Saturday

made by risti

Puck wants to paaarty! Spam Time!


Hope you losers have enjoyed your weekend so far, because the party is about to get started.

My girl Mercedes wanted me to give a shout-out to her V.I. Peeps. You guys should all check them out later as well.

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And if you're into spoilers and speculation, go help my boy Finn out with his Spoiler Play by Play. He could really use all the help he can get, and if you start talking about all that spoiler stuff anywhere else, Sylvester will come around, and I don't think I need to explain why that's a bad idea. Kurt's still passing out the fruity drinks at his Viewing Party, if any of you are still stuck on what happened this last week.

Don't expect any of that Martha Stewart party planning stuff from me. I did pick the locks and open up posting to non-members, so feel free to gate-crash the party, but only for today, because I gotta reset it before tomorrow or Sylvester will be chasing after me, and while I may have an appreciation for older women, that terror in a track suit is a whole other story. I'm pretty sure some of the other guys from the club'll be stopping by later as well.

I just got one question, and feel free to pretend you didn't hear me if you'd rather not. What's the big deal about Glee Club anyhow? I mean, seriously. Why are so many people interested in a show about a bunch of singing and dancing geeks from the Nowheresville, USA?

That's all I got, folks. Talk amoungst yourselves, now, and try not to break the furniture.