October 19th, 2009

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10/19/09: Quinn's Cheerios Dish (General Character Analysis)

made by nuclearpez

Quinn is making up for her sins and wants to get to know you.

To keep us on top of the social sphere, Ms. Sylvester made sure we knew the ins-and-outs of this school like the back of our hands. We were her moles and it was our duty, and MY duty as the head Cheerio, to know every teacher and student record. We were to get as much dirt on them as we possibly could. Yes, that's right. Since Mr. Shu took over, Ms. Sylvester has especially been keeping records on everyone in the Glee Club, to make sure she can tear it down. She'd insist she'd take care of our homework so we could focus on these records, saying that "math is for ugly people'"and that "having dirt to throw into the eyes of others to bring them to delicious delicious tears".

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