October 21st, 2009

  • s4gmod

10/21/09: Tina's Snapshots (Takedown 1.07)

made by nuclearpez

Tina wants to take you through Takedown with a keen eye.

I, uh, have been taking s-some photos d-during our experiences in Glee. This was from when M-ms. Sylvester helped us out. Since I am not such a great t-talker I figured I'd let my pictures do most of the t-talking.

Q-questions are posted interspersed between the images, b-but at the end they're reorganized f-for your convenience.

So, uh, h-hope you guys like them!

WARNING: I-If you have slow browsers there are a lot of photos!

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S-Saw other things that I d-didn't catch? H-Have questions of your own?
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