October 25th, 2009

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10/25/09 Terri's Twisted Tall Tales

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Terri's up to her mischief again, and is checking up on your perspective.

One of the reasons I was so popular in high school is because I wasn't hung up on trying to be anything but popular. This allowed me the freedom to always do what others expected of me, without any of my own feelings getting in the way. Will was lucky, really, that he had me to guide him in this, because sometimes I don't think he realized that he could only be popular and be in Glee Club as long as everyone else continued to believe that Glee Club was cool, and the opinions of the school were really beyond his control.

Collapse )That's why Quinn Fabray and I have so much in common, except for how I was smart enough not to get pregnant in high school. She's really lucky that she also has a boyfriend who understands how important it is to make sure everyone else approves of the choices that you make.

As for the rest of those kids in Glee, well, I can't help but question some of their motivations.
  1. How many of them are in Glee because it's something that they love doing, and how many are there because they're looking for a way to fit in or prove themselves?
  2. Is it really possible to be there for both reasons, or will one always win out?
  3. If the most popular kids in the school can't make Glee cool, do they have any chance of ever raising their social status? What else could they possibly do?
  4. Is Emma Pilsbury proof that if you don't learn to be popular in high school, you'll remain lonely and a social failure for the rest of your life?
  5. What about people like Sue Sylvester, who are popular, but still seem to be greedy enough to want more out of life. Should she just realize that you can have success or real relationships in your life, but not both?
Well, what do you think? And don't forget to vote for the most popular kids in GLEEDOL!