October 29th, 2009

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10/29/09: Kurt's Viewing Party (Pilot 1.01)

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Help Will Out!

So, with the break going on to that silly away game, I've been really thinking back to how this all began. I remember when Glee club was run by, ugh, Mr. Ryerson and we sucked. Before we became New Directions.

Or how Puck and Finn used to hand deliver me into the dumpster. How I barely even knew who Mr. Shu was since I never really cared for Spanish, or Mr. Pillsbury still avoided Mr. Tanaka like the plague. Quinn used to sit on top of the Cheerio Pyramid before pregnancies ran through the school like a termite infestation. How Rachel, our very own Prima Donna, could barely get a date, the only attention she got for her voice was snark printed all over her MySpace. Before I realized I actually started maybe even to sort of... like Finn.

And when we finally came together.

Rewatching these events really got me thinking.

Glee Club Feedback

1. What were your initial impressions of Glee? What was it about Glee that captivated you? How did you feel towards the Pilot?

2. If you are doing a rewatch along with this, how has the pilot changed for you? Did you see some foreshadowing you didn't catch or lines that hit you differently? Does it still have the same initial impact it did on your first watch?

3. What characters/plots ended up surprising you since the pilot?

4. The Pilot clearly makes it out to be a show that centers attention on Will, Rachel and Finn initially but obviously most of us weren't satisfied with this. Why do you feel that even though the pilot seemed to recognize this, there was much clamor for the show to not be so centric to their characters? Do you feel the show is still keeping that initial trifecta or do you feel it is slowly moving away from it?

5. What do you think the relationships between all the characters were like prior to the finale? We definitely got a lot of evidence that all the teachers knew each other, and all us Gleeks were in the initial club together.

6. What were your favorite quotes/tidbits from the Pilot?