November 2nd, 2009

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11/02/09: Quinn's Cheerios Dish (Rachel's Interview)

made by nuclearpez

Seems like Rachel popped in for an Interview today...

So I'm changing things up a bit. I decided while everyone is around, instead of me just telling you things about them, alright, I'll interview them and then you guys get to do you're own sort of like... interviews.

So that's right everyone. Since I'm doing Rachel today, you guys can ask her anything you want and the like.

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Hey everyone.

As to be expected, I may be famous today so feel this would be an excellent opportunity to hone my interview skills. So don't be shy, I'd love to give you all my expertise.

Riiight. Anyway. I've got some questions for you guys about Rachel here, but go ahead and ask your own to her, or you can ask me something since I'm always here.

Quinn's Queries
  1. What aspects of Rachel do you like? Which do you dislike?

  2. What do you think Rachel's relationship is like with her two fathers?

  3. Why do you believe Rachel has feelings for Finn?

  4. Though her singing talent is great, what do you think is her biggest achilles heel? Do you think she'll ever be able to reach her ambitions?

  5. Why do you believe Rachel was so willing to hook up with Puck?

  6. Rachel and I started this sort of odd relationship... where do you think it'll go?

  7. There seems to be a constant pull between Will-Rachel-Finn, all pushing and pulling one another in and out of Glee. Do you see this as always being the case? How does Rachel's relationships with the two males affect her descisions?