November 3rd, 2009

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11/3/09: Emma's Love Counseling

made by littledust

Emma wants to help you clean up your love life.

Relationships are a lot like sandwiches. No, not those kind of relationships--well, I suppose so, but anyway. A perfect love match is like peanut butter and jelly: the two flavors complement each other, bringing out the best in each other while at the same time tasting great on their own. Plus, a whole sandwich is much greater than the sum of its ingredients. Now, peanut butter might also taste great with marshmallow fluff, but it's not quite the match it should be. Especially since marshmallow fluff is allergic to peanut butter and shouldn't have married him anyway.

Today we'll be focusing on those PBJ relationships: Finn/Rachel and Will/Emma. Love them or hate them, these relationships are central to Glee!

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