s4gmod (s4gmod) wrote in squee_4_glee,

Mercedes' Affiliates

Yo! Mercedes here.

Now, check it, if you wanna be on our VIP List we have a few policies you best be following.

  1. All VIPs better have something to do with Glee Club, otherwise we ain't interested.
  2. If we're going to be giving you the courtesy to put you on our VIP list, we(squee_4_glee) better be on yours first. You scratch our back we scratch yours deal.
  3. Now just tell us your name below, with a brief description, and that's it!

Got it? I don't wanna have to repeat myself.

And trust me. You don't want that crazy white bitch on your ass if you don't.
Tags: !mod post, mercedes' vip list
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