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Artie's Archive

Hey guys! Welcome to my archive. Wondering what everyone's been talking about so far? Well I've got all the access to it.

In-depth look at plot-twists, and the movement of story archs

1. 10/18/09: Terri's Twisted Tall Tales (Overarching Plot Analysis) | risti

In-depth analysis covering each character.

1. 10/19/09: Quinn's Cheerios Dish (General Character Analysis) | nuclearpez

Ship analysis, debate and speculation.

1. 10/20/09: Emma's Love Counseling (Initial Pair Analysis) | littledust

Analysis, critique and discussion of the music, dance, and technique on GLEE.
Analysis and discussion of cinematography and other visual aspects of the show.

1. 10/21/09: Tina's Snapshots (Takedown 1.07) | nuclearpez

Can you believe what went down this week?

1. 10/15/09: Takedown (1.07) | nuclearpez

Discussion and speculation with spoilers (no spoilers on other posts)

1. 10/16/09: Spoiler Collection: Post New Spoilers Here! | risti

Where anything goes, and the more the merrier... (Open Discussion)

1. 10/17/09: Party #1 | risti

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