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Rules & Guidelines

Dear Journal,

Feeling powerful today. Scheuster's gone and over-exerted himself again, creating a community that's all about respecting others opinions and reasoned debate with intellectual analysis and all sorts of other communist ideas. Of course, I stepped up and insisted on a few ground rules necessary to keep discipline. Scheuster whined and complained until I compromised on the issue of caning, but these are the rules we agreed upon. I will be kicking people out who don't follow the rules, though, so make sure you read them carefully.

Community Rules & Guidelines

  1. NO SPOILERS in the any thread but Finn's Spoiler Play-by-Play.

  2. All comments are members-only, except for Puck's Swingin' Saturdays.

  3. No spamming. We define spamming as pimping-out your off-topic links and repeating yourself all over the discussion.

  4. Please proof-read your comments for proper spelling, grammar, and capitalization. No netspeak or explicit profanity.

  5. Criticizing the show/characters is OK. We all have our own snarky opinions. Criticizing other people ("You're an idiot for saying that!") or other comments ("That's such a stupid thing to say!") is not allowed. Reminder: Actors are people too, and if you want to argue against an opinion, you'd better be able to back yourself up.

  6. No images over 400x600 pixels in the comments, and any image/video posted must be directly related to the argument you are trying to make. Exceptions for this will be made for Tina's Snapshots, and occasionally other topics (will always be stated in the post).

  7. Sometimes the thread of conversation will veer off-topic. That's ok. Random off-topic comments that have nothing to do with the flow of conversation will get one warning to move it off-thread before the banning policy kicks in.

  8. No explicit content allowed directly in the commenting. The nature of the show sometimes veers over the PG-13 edge, especially if you state what the producers are only implying, but that doesn't mean we need to see graphic images/vids or read detailed descriptions. Again, you will get one warning to move it off-thread before the banning policy kicks in.

  9. The mod reserves the right to decide that you're acting like a jerk, even if you're a jerk who is technically not breaking any rules.

Since you people can never dream of being at the same level of excellence as my nationals winning Cheerios, I won't bother to kick any of you out at random. But I will take the following actions against rule-breakers, and anyone else who manages to annoy me enough even while technically following the rules.

  1. All offending comments will be deleted and

  2. You will be banned from the community for one week.

  3. Repeated offenses within one month of being re-instated, or three offenses total will cause you to be banned permanently.

Finally, it's in your best interest to be a snitch if you see someone breaking the rules, you can report it over to Will, I'll take care of the rest. If you interfere yourself and break a rule in your comments, you will be banned too.

Now, unless there are any questions, I think I feel like a smoothie...
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