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10/18/09 - Terri's Twisted Tall Tales (Overarching Plot Analysis)

made by risti

Terri's up to her mischief again, and is checking up on your perspective.

I've always told Will, life is all about balance. That's why I redecorated our apartment in the Feng Shui line from Sheets 'n Things last month. I like to think that I lead a very balanced life. I manage my high-stress management position at Sheets 'n Things, keep our home a healthy and happy place, and even manage to find time to find a baby to complete our family.

See, balance.

I don't know if Will always gets this. That's why I wanted him to take that accounting position. So that his life would be a balance of work, which he may not enjoy, but it would allow us to be happier at home, because we'd have more freedom to do all the things we need to do. That's the way life is supposed to be. You balance an unhappy work life with a happy home life. Sometimes I think Will has this reversed, and he spends all his time making sure he's happy at work, and then, well.

Not balanced.

So, to teach you the importance of balance, I've had Howard prepare a list of questions. Be sure to think hard on this. It's a very important lesson for your future life, trust me!

Terri's Tempting Tests

  1. A lot has gone down in the past few months in Lima, Ohio, and sometimes it seems like there might be more time to get things accomplished if people spent a little less time singing and dancing. Then again, everything besides the singing in this small town is pretty depressing.
    • How do you feel the balance between the singing and plot-pacing has been so far?
    • Which episodes did the best job of this, and which left room for improvement?

  2. The problem with people who like to spend their free time on stage is that generally, they want the spotlight to shine on them and only them.
    • What storylines are you tired of seeing, and who is stealing the show and need to be given a chance in the spotlight?
    • What plot points left you feeling like they needed to be better fleshed out?
    • What motivations do you want explained, do you have your own theories?

  3. We all like a good escape from our own mundane lives every now and again.However...
    • How far is too far, when things just start to get ridiculous?
    • How do you feel the series has balanced out it's over-the-top characters and plotlines with the more realistic aspects of the show.
    • What are some of the dangers of dipping too far into the caricature methodology?
    • Would the show be as interesting if the people involved were more "normal"?
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