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10/19/09: Quinn's Cheerios Dish (General Character Analysis)

made by nuclearpez

Quinn is making up for her sins and wants to get to know you.

To keep us on top of the social sphere, Ms. Sylvester made sure we knew the ins-and-outs of this school like the back of our hands. We were her moles and it was our duty, and MY duty as the head Cheerio, to know every teacher and student record. We were to get as much dirt on them as we possibly could. Yes, that's right. Since Mr. Shu took over, Ms. Sylvester has especially been keeping records on everyone in the Glee Club, to make sure she can tear it down. She'd insist she'd take care of our homework so we could focus on these records, saying that "math is for ugly people'"and that "having dirt to throw into the eyes of others to bring them to delicious delicious tears".

Oh yes, sure, it's not perfectly legal per say, but we all know Ms. Sylvester has more than enough strength to get things done her way. How else do you think she managed to find out about Mr. Finnegan's old job, or track down Mr. Shue's wife?

Though after what happened... I'm not so sure these days if I want to help her.

The more I read their files the more I'm starting to be okay with some of 'gleeks' (except for that disgusting Rachel, ugh). I guess I didn't care all that much back when we started fishing out as much ammo as we could, but now I'm oddly finding myself caring about this group of freaks. I guess, because I'm slowly becoming one myself.

I think I just gagged a little in my mouth.

So I guess for the first time in like... forever, I'm going to try to correct things. Since I can't go back to the life that once was for Queen Quinn Fabray, I'm going to have to try and tolerate all of you and get to know you all.

After that, it's about time we get those files out in the open, wouldn't you say? ... I see that Mr. Shu's is on top of the pile.

Quinn's Queries
  1. Are you similar to/do you relate to anyone in Glee? Are you as spectacular as me? As whiny as Rachel? Did you have any similar experiences as anyone here? How did they end up different?

  2. Out of us who do you like? Who can't you stand? Why?

  3. What were you like back in high school? If you're still there, sorry, I know it blows. Who do you think would be your best friend? Who would you be crushing on? Who would you have hated?

  4. Everyone has their motivations. Who do you think should be called out on what they've done? Who are you rooting for to have their dreams come true?

  5. Future glance: Where do you see everyone in say, 10 years?
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