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10/20/09: Emma's Love Counseling

made by littledust

Emma wants to help you clean up your love life.

Love can be messy. As a high school guidance counselor, I've seen plenty of sticky love situations. Sometimes the situations are so sticky that there's no way of scraping off all the icky metaphorical adhesive, and you end up crying into your engagement champagne... That was another metaphor. The point is, teenagers and adults alike have their share of romantic problems, and talking about them is the best way to achieve resolution and move on. Honesty is the key to a healthy relationship. Deceiving others or deceiving yourself hurts everyone! Except when it's your only chance to avoid dying alone, because animals shed too much for you to even become a crazy cat lady. That was another metaphor. Again.

Sometimes people don't realize that established relationships need careful maintenance and discussion. Staying together is just as difficult as getting together. Today we'll be focusing on Glee's established couples: Finn & Quinn and Will & Terri. My questions will, of course, be neutral and non-judgmental.

Emma's Relationship Response Questions

1. How do you think Finn and Quinn got together? Was it due to love or peer pressure? Or a little bit of both?

2. What about how Will and Terri got together? What connected them in high school? What was their wedding like? What, if anything, connects them now?

3. What do you think each couple does on a typical date?

4. How do you think Quinn and Terri's pregnancies will affect their romantic relationships?

5. What should each couple do to improve their relationship?

6. What do you see in store for each couple? Will Finn and Quinn stay together, despite the statistics? Will a baby keep Will and Terri together, despite their differences?
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