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10/22/09: Kurt's Viewing Party (Mash-Up 1.08)

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Even though WE all chose Glee Club I guess the nation is all into baseball? What's the big deal anyway? I don't know about you guys but we are clearly far cooler than any of those men swinging around their bats and running around in circles. WHATEVER. So after this little discussion I guess we'll do a bit of a rewatch while having to suffer the wait for the new moments and where I finally get to sing.

Anyway, getting sidetracked loves, so best to be back to getting on topic.

Once our king of glee got a face-full of slushie, it seemed that he and his pregnant princess were desperately trying to cling onto their titles of popularity. I mean, you know they're in trouble when they go to Ms. Pillsbury for advice on how to be 'cool'. Although she certainly has better style than anyone in the school.

Though seriously, things were just getting downright odd with the faculty (I mean honestly how are we supposed to take them as role models when they're more dysfunctional than us kids?). The "happy" couple asked Mr. Shu to write them a mash-up of their songs. Ms. Pillsbury chose the lovely I Could've Danced All Night while Mr. Tanaka selected guh the Thong Song. How barbaric.

Although it wasn't nearly as embarrassingly bad as Mr. Shu's display of Bust A Move. I know he's running Glee Club and all but sometimes it just becomes the "Will Show". I did catch him making an even bigger fool of himself through door window by singing the Mr. Tanaka's uh... wedding song of choice... I guess to get Ms. Pillsbury comfortable with the idea. Of course Mr. Tanaka conveniently managed to catch their mess of sexual tension by pushing me from the window. But that man is a seriously a creeper. He seems to always catch those two when they're most compromised. Did he look pissed.

And apparently he was pissed enough to try to steal our boys away by switching up the football schedules to conflict with Glee Club, can you believe it?

Now for one of the most peculiar mash-ups was apparently the Glee Club jews hitting it off, by some message of god. Apparently our jerk has a good heart underneath all those poundings he gave me. Huh. Go figure.

Though those two are just about as obnoxious as each other, somehow together they seemed to bring out the better of one another. You could totally feel the tension building up in the room between that love fiasco pentagon mess when we actually got to hear a pretty sweet ballad out of Puck's mouth. Who knew it was capable more of just burping? Not to mention he somehow grew up and decided on Glee Club over football.

Which Finn did the opposite... only to be reigned in pretty fast by Mr. Shu who pulled the 'I was like you once' speech. I like to think I also helped him on that by taking one of the team too.

The little rendevous between Puck and Rachel ended pretty quick when they both realized their hearts weren't in the right place. Gotta love how those two figured it out faster than Ms. Pillsburg and Mr. Shu did.

See, even though Mr. Shu seemed to call himself out on misleading Ms. Pillbury, he continued to flirt with her like there was no tomorrow. Boy that man seems to do what he wants without thinking twice.

Also for about a few days Ms. Sylvester grew a heart, picked up a zoot suit and did some swing dancing with Mr. Shu. That sounds like a spectacular sight if I ever saw one. Too bad she went back to her old ways and disbarred Quinn from the Cheerios. Well that's fine since Quinn is now one of ours now completely, she deserves much better than those Cheerios... did I mention outside of the that uniform she's got impeccable fashion sense? Much better than those blaring reds and whites and that skin pulling ponytail.

And in the end we got to throw slushies into Mr. Shu's face which I believe was a long time coming for him. Now, to wait for sectionals.

Kurt's Burning Questions
So guys, I have to know what you think about all this...

  1. What were some of the highlights (songs, sequences, quotes, etc) of yesterday's episode?

  2. What were some of the gaps that the episode left open that made you confused?

  3. What were some of the flaws of last night's episode?

  4. What do you make of that not-so-subtle use of the title in all these mash-ups? Which mash-ups worked, which didn't?

  5. What do you think about Ms. Pillsbury and Mr. Tanaka getting married and the way it's being handled? How do you want it to turn out?

  6. Why do you think there were two wedding dresses in the different song sequences for Mr. Shu and Ms. Pillsbury's dancing?

  7. Ms. Sylvester showed a piece of her heart, who knew! Do you think we'll see more of it (and when)?

  8. Puck/Rachel almost came out of nowhere, why did you make of it? Did you like how it was handled?

  9. Which characters have changed in your mind since the Pilot/earlier episodes? Who've you grown to like more? Who have you grown to like less?

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