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10/27/09: Emma's Love Counseling

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* Deciding which ships to focus on this week was tricky. Better to post late than never, I hope! *

Emma wants to help you clean up your love life.

One of the trickiest parts of love is getting to be with the person you really want. Students will come to my office for a talk because the person they like is dating someone else and they feel helpless to deal with so much pent-up emotion. Talking the matter over with someone trustworthy is an excellent way of coping with a difficult situation. Sometimes your true love is married and expecting a child, and you end up consoling yourself with gym teachers and Jane Austen adaptations for television. Or so I've heard. A lot of people end up settling for something else when they can't get what they really want.

As a drug addict once said, "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need." Today's discussion focuses on "consolation prize" relationships: Puck/Rachel and Ken/Emma. Oh, dear, that sounds so terrible when put that way. I suppose it's honest, though.

Emma's Relationship Response Questions

1. Is there a chance for a "consolation prize" relationship when at least one person in the relationship really wants someone else?

2. How do you feel about rapid development of Puck/Rachel? Did it happen too fast, or was it just right?

3. Why do you think Ken is willing to be a consolation prize? Are his options that limited? Is Emma that lovable?

4. Rachel and Emma both accept their respective prizes just because they can't have their first choice, but Puck initiates things with Rachel in part because she's Jewish. Why do you think Puck gets another motivation? What does this say about his character's approach to relationships?

5. What do you like about either ship?

6. What do you dislike about either ship?

7. Are these "consolation prize" relationships healthier than the alternatives: pining or cheating? Could it be that it's not what they want, but it's what they need? Or are all three options equally unhealthy?
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