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31 October 2009 @ 12:48 pm
10/31/09: Puck's Swinging Saturdays (Friending Meme)  

made by nuclearpez

Gleek it up

Yo peeps! So I know you'll all be spending Halloween doing some crazy shit but I figured that since we're taking so much breaks from Glee Club, I'd like you guys to introduce yourselves to the gang.

So what the fuck am I talking about? Well here, I'm making it easy for you. You fill out what I'm putting down and then you can get to know each other and shit.

And if your sexy MILFS mom's need someone to clean your pools, well, you just let me know.

Puck's Social Bash

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the girl and the robot: pumpkin patchluminaire on October 31st, 2009 05:35 pm (UTC)
Name: Dawn
Age: 26
Location: California

Favorite Character(s) & Why: Kurt because he's fabulous
Hated Character(s) & Why: Terri because she's crazy
Favorite Ship(s) & Why: I developed a fondness for Puck/Quinn after the last episode
Hated Ship(s) & Why: Puck/Rachel, mainly because I didn't think it was handled right. It developed way too fast.
Favorite Episode(s)/Scene(s) & Why: Preggers, mostly for the Kurt-centric scenes
Hated Episode(s)/Scene(s) & Why: Uhh, no not really
Favorite Songs(s) & Why: There's no way I could choose.
Hated Song(s) & Why: Not really hated, but I'm not fond of "No Air". Too much auto-tune.
What are you favorite Glee related things to talk about?: Anything!
How do you participate in the fandom?: I comment here and lurk on gleeclub. I read the occasional short fic.

Favorite Shows?: Fringe, Dollhouse, Merlin, Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack
Favorite Movies?: I'm actually not a movie person. I saw Zombieland last week though and thought it was awesome
Favorite Music?: My library consists a lot of indie electronica and OC remixes.
Favorite Games/Musicals/Etc/Msc. Fandoms?: Chrono Trigger, Legend of Zelda, Phoenix Wright, and my home fandom is Tokyo Babylon/X1999

Hobbies?: Crochet
What are you studying/what is your job?: I design socks for a living. Yeah I do.
I have a PhD in derrière millinery.: also angelscruiscin_lan on October 31st, 2009 05:40 pm (UTC)
I didn't know people could design socks for a living, and I find that totally awesome.
the girl and the robot: lucca & robo - green dreamluminaire on October 31st, 2009 05:51 pm (UTC)
Haha, I didn't know the job existed either until I somehow fell into it! I love it though; I get to design ridiculous things like robot and fortune cookie socks and get paid for it.
happyhappenings on October 31st, 2009 05:41 pm (UTC)
Age:18 (Fresh in College)

Favorite Character(s) & Why:Rachel-Because everyone says I'm just like her and I probably am, Finn-Because I have the biggest crush on him Will-Ditto, Emma-She's hilarious!
Hated Character(s) & Why:Terri-because she's a lying b****! Ken-He's so so annoying!
Favorite Ship(s) & Why:Rachel/Finn-Cause' it's like me and Finn. Haha. There are probably other reasons. Quinn/Puck-Cause' they are cute and this way Quinn isn't with Finn. Artie/Tina-because they are adorable. Terri/Ken-they annoying people should be together. Will/Emma-THEY WERE MEANT TO BE!
Hated Ship(s) & Why:Quinn/Finn-NOT MEANT TO BE!
Favorite Episode(s)/Scene(s) & Why:Preggers...all the drama.
Hated Episode(s)/Scene(s) & Why:Mash Up due to the Rachel/Puck
Favorite Songs(s) & Why:Gold Digger because Matthew sounds amazing, Thong Song-ditto, and Taking Chances (love the lyrics)
Hated Song(s) & Why:None
What are you favorite Glee related things to talk about?:SUE!, pairings, the music
How do you participate in the fandom?:by writing fics! I've done a total of 11 so far!

Favorite Shows?:the secret life of the American teenager, gossip girl, life with derek, grounded for life, talk sex with sue
Favorite Movies?:asoue, confessions of a shopaholic, breakfast at tiffany's, any other movie with liam aiken besides asoue...
Favorite Music?:anything from glee obviously and savannah outen, taylor swift...
Favorite Games/Musicals/Etc/Msc. Fandoms?:the it girl, the clique...rohlad dahl stuff

Hobbies?:figure skating, writing, web design
What are you studying/what is your job?:studying mass comm at a college
Zachary Quinto: Porn for all ages!: Arthur/Merlinohcaitlynne on October 31st, 2009 05:51 pm (UTC)
Location:East Coast, Canada

Favorite Character(s) & Why:Kurt, Artie, Mike Chang. Fierce, Sexy, POPANDLOCK.
Hated Character(s) & Why:Terri, or her sister. THEY'RE SO INFURIATING.
Favorite Ship(s) & Why:Kurt/Puck, Artie/Tina, Kurt/Mike. Because for some reason they just WORK in my head.
Hated Ship(s) & Why:Puck/Rachel. "That Rachel chick makes me want to set myself on fire."
Favorite Episode(s)/Scene(s) & Why:Every scene with either Kurt, Artie or Sue.
Hated Episode(s)/Scene(s) & Why:I closed my eyes when Puck and Rachel made out.
Favorite Songs(s) & Why:When the group sang Ride Wit Me. It was just so fun!...And not auto-tuned to death.
Hated Song(s) & Why:Thong Song. ITS THE THONG SONG.
What are you favorite Glee related things to talk about?:How fierce Kurt is. The epicness that is Mike Chang.
How do you participate in the fandom?:I write some fic, host a livechat during episodes, and lurk party posts/freeforalls.

Favorite Shows?:Merlin!, True Blood, Entourage, Degrassi
Favorite Movies?:SLC Punk, Fight Club, Shelter, Latter Days, Disney movies (unironic-ly)
Favorite Music?:Hardcore, Punk, Poppunk and Indie
Favorite Games/Musicals/Etc/Msc. Fandoms?:I'm addicted to COD4, Repo! The Genetic Opera. I'll watch any and all musicals.

Hobbies?:Going to shows, watching movies, I'm into board games.
What are you studying/what is your job?:I've graduated from college with a degree in Music Business. I'm currently working a soul crushing retail job trying to save up for school again. Either Business Administration or Radio/Television Arts.
kayla: Puck/Kurtmelonfucka on October 31st, 2009 09:05 pm (UTC)
I have a PhD in derrière millinery.: can i pee first?cruiscin_lan on October 31st, 2009 05:54 pm (UTC)
Name: Bridey
Age: 24
Location: Ohio, via NYC

Favorite Character(s) & Why: I love them all, but particularly the minor characters who tend to do funny/silly things in the background.
Hated Character(s) & Why: There are characters that I love to hate, but the only one so far that I outright don't like has been the OB/GYN. Too much of a pushover.
Favorite Ship(s) & Why: I'm an unabashed multishipper, so I like 'em all.
Hated Ship(s) & Why: None.
Favorite Episode(s)/Scene(s) & Why: Anything with Jane Lynch or Stephen Tobolowsky is gold.
Hated Episode(s)/Scene(s) & Why: The faked ultrasound scene. That's ridiculous.
Favorite Songs(s) & Why: "Somebody to Love" and "Don't Stop Believing," because you can't go wrong with Queen and Journey.
Hated Song(s) & Why: Not a huge fan of "No Air." Too much wind in the hallway.
What are you favorite Glee related things to talk about?: I like to discuss character flaws (because that's what makes them realistic, and not just stereotypes/caricatures) and I like to speculate about future episodes/storylines outcomes.
How do you participate in the fandom?: I mostly lurk so far, but I've also written one fic and I'm working on some icons.

Favorite Shows?: Glee, Heroes, The Office, anything I can keep up with on Hulu. As for shows that are done, I also like Veronica Mars, Firefly, and Northern Exposure.
Favorite Movies?: Too many to list.
Favorite Music?: Not very picky, but I always have Regina Spektor, Sufjan Stevens, the Decemberists, My Brightest Diamond, and several other artists on my playlist.
Favorite Games/Musicals/Etc/Msc. Fandoms?: I like Nintendo games (Mario, Zelda, etc.) but I don't participate in many fandoms beyond Heroes.

Hobbies?: Reading, writing, drawing, painting.
What are you studying/what is your job?: I teach college English - mostly into courses like lit and comp.

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Abyssicaabyssica on October 31st, 2009 07:19 pm (UTC)
omg, ia so much on the ships/favorite characters.
tina/artie, quinn/puck, will/emma forever! <3 <3
(Deleted comment)
→Meevs←The diabolical yet benevolent puppetmaster: x-men→ nightcrawler; he's winkin'meevees on October 31st, 2009 06:30 pm (UTC)
:D comics~
→Meevs←The diabolical yet benevolent puppetmaster: teen idols→ Lucas Till; Hi.meevees on October 31st, 2009 06:27 pm (UTC)
Name: Meevs
Age: 19
Location: MA

Favorite Character(s) & Why: Puck and Sue because they both crack me up
Hated Character(s) & Why: Terri. I wouldn't really say I hate her (even though, really, you're supposed to hate her at least a little bit I'd say), but she's the least interesting character to me.
Favorite Ship(s) & Why: Don't really have one, but I thought Puck and Rachel were pretty cute
Hated Ship(s) & Why: Totally not feeling Finn/Rachel. They don't have any chemistry imo.
Favorite Episode(s)/Scene(s) & Why: Definitely throwdown, because there was so much Sue and she was hilarious.
Hated Episode(s)/Scene(s) & Why: I didn't hate The Rhodes Not Taken but I think it was definitely the most boring episode thus far.
Favorite Songs(s) & Why: the it's my life/Confessions mash up. I just love it :].
Hated Song(s) & Why: N/A
What are you favorite Glee related things to talk about?: anything I suppose?
How do you participate in the fandom?: Mostly I just lurk :p

Favorite Shows?: House M.D., Scrubs. I don't really watch much TV
Favorite Movies?: the Saw series, Mean Girls, the x-men series (except the third one), Fight Club, Stupid 80s movies like Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
Favorite Music?: lots of pop rock like Panic! At The Disco and Cobra Starship. techno/dance. Pop like Britney and Miley Cyrus. Anything fun and upbeat, really.
Favorite Games/Musicals/Etc/Msc. Fandoms?: Kingdom Hearts series, some Final Fantasy, Avenue Q, The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel book series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Harry Potter. And mostly Marvel comics, particular the Young Avengers, or basically anything that has 'Avengers' in the title.

Hobbies?: watching movies, reading, roleplaying, being dumb with my friends.
What are you studying/what is your job?: English/Secondary Education double major.
scrubsangelscrubsangel on October 31st, 2009 06:30 pm (UTC)

Favorite Character(s) & Why:finn,rachel will and emma bc they are awesome
Hated Character(s) & Why: Teri becuase shes a physco
Favorite Ship(s) & Why: finn and rachel and emma/will becuase they both are so perfect for eachother
Hated Ship(s) & Why: puck/rachel,quinn/finn ,terri/will and emma/ken and because they are in the way of my favorite couples
Favorite Episode(s)/Scene(s) & Why:anything with my favorite characters
Hated Episode(s)/Scene(s) & Why:anything with terri becuase shes evil and wil my hate couples
Favorite Songs(s) & Why: almost all of them
Hated Song(s) & Why: mercy and bust your windows, they werent that strong to me
What are you favorite Glee related things to talk about?: my fav couples and charcters and the music
How do you participate in the fandom?: lurk, read ff and watch glee videos

Favorite Shows?:Gossip Girl,General Hospital,Bones,One Life to Live, iCarly, Life with Derek
Favorite Movies?:Hairspray,The Proposal,Take the Lead,Step Up 2, shes the man and many others
Favorite Music?: glee songs, taylor swift,avril lavigne, rihanna,marie digby,leighton meester, lmfao and so much more
Favorite Games/Musicals/Etc/Msc. Fandoms?: the luxe series, shes so money, the other girl and the prequel to it, sarah dessen books, meg cabot books and most recently the hunger games sequel

Hobbies?:singing,dancing,writing ff,talking on the phone/hanging out with my bffs, watching youtube vids and the internet
What are you studying/what is your job?:im a senior in hs and will be studying interior design next yr hopefully
Impossible Princess: Glee: OT3 ♥doctors_girl on October 31st, 2009 07:32 pm (UTC)
Hi Gleeks :)

Name: Erika
Age: 27
Location: Hungary

Favorite Character(s) & Why: RACHEL, because she's all kinds of awesome: she's confident AND sentimental, she knows she's talented and she's not afraid to speak her mind and she can be completely herself, even though it makes people bash her. And I also adore Finn and Will and Sue and Emma and basically everyone in the show. :)
Hated Character(s) & Why: I don't hate anyone and that's pretty rare when it comes to TV shows.
Favorite Ship(s) & Why: Rachel/Finn all the way, they are simply adorable and sound amazing together. Basically I love everything about tham and can't wait for more. Also like Will/Emma and Puck/Quinn.
Hated Ship(s) & Why: -
Favorite Episode(s)/Scene(s) & Why: Showmance, because it was a gift from TV gods. There was everything: love drama, fun, great music, amazing performances and killer humour. Push It, the kiss, Celibacy Club, "blood?", chivarly, Take A Bow, eavesdropping, photo copy and Sue Sylvester parade. Second favourite is Throwdown.
Hated Episode(s)/Scene(s) & Why: I don't hate anything about Glee.
Favorite Songs(s) & Why: Oh that's so hard to choose! Don't Stop Believing obviously and Somebody To Love. Oh and No Air was so amazing it practically needs its own category. Music, voices, power and feelings so great in these performances.
Hated Song(s) & Why: -
What are you favorite Glee related things to talk about?: EVERYTHING. Seriously I'm obsessed. :)
How do you participate in the fandom?: I talk a lot and making icons.

Favorite Shows?: HOUSE MD, Alias, Lost, Gilmore Girls, Friends, Dexter, Sex and the city, Nip/tuck
Favorite Movies?: LOTR movies, also SW movies and I'm a Tarantino fangirl. But if I have to say only ONE film it would be American Beauty.
Favorite Music?: MADONNA, Mariah Carey, Kylie, Abba, Beyonce and so much more. And of course everything sang by Glee cast. :)
Favorite Games/Musicals/Etc/Msc. Fandoms?: -

Hobbies?: arts, fashion, music, dancing, writing, reading, travelling and my friends
What are you studying/what is your job?: working as a fashion designer
Stephanie: Mattprincesspolaris on October 31st, 2009 08:46 pm (UTC)
Name: Stephanie
Age: 30
Location: Canada

Favorite Character(s) & Why: Will, mainly because he is dedicated to his love of teaching and truly enjoys what he does with the glee club. And he's hot, which is a bonus
Hated Character(s) & Why: Terri, she's a lying, psychotic, manipulative witch
Favorite Ship(s) & Why: Will/Emma, they make such a cute couple and are perfect for one another
Hated Ship(s) & Why: Puck/Rachel, it developed too fast
Favorite Episode(s)/Scene(s) & Why: Episode would be Acafellas, because it cemented my crush on Matthew. Scene would be the "Single Ladies" football team dance in Preggers
Hated Episode(s)/Scene(s) & Why: Vitamin D, it proved just how big a witch Terri is
Favorite Songs(s) & Why: "Alone", Matthew and Kristin sound amazing together - the song gives me the chills every time I hear it (it's the most-played Glee song on my iTunes)
Hated Song(s) & Why: I don't really have a least favorite
What are you favorite Glee related things to talk about?: I mostly like to talk about the music and the characters/actors
How do you participate in the fandom?: Download the music from iTunes, watch episodes/clips online and participate in forum discussions. I also created my first Glee fanmix dedicated to Will and Emma and run two Glee-related LJ communities, glee_rpg and loving_matt09

Favorite Shows?: Survivor, Torchwood, The Price is Right
Favorite Movies?: Movie musicals, Pixar films
Favorite Music?: Pop from the 1980s
Favorite Games/Musicals/Etc/Msc. Fandoms?: Fandoms: Magical girl anime, Fuwa (Beijing Olympic mascots), Snoopy. Favorite Musicals: Mamma Mia and We Will Rock You

Hobbies?: Reading, shopping, webpage design, collecting stuffed animals
What are you studying/what is your job?: I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in language studies from the University of Toronto at Mississauga (obtained in 2007)

Edited at 2009-11-01 03:31 am (UTC)
kayla: Gleeful Puckmelonfucka on October 31st, 2009 09:01 pm (UTC)
Name: Kayla
Age: 19
Location: Midwest

Favorite Character(s) & Why: Puck because he's fucking awesome.
Hated Character(s) & Why: Terri because she's a complete nutbar.
Favorite Ship(s) & Why: Puck/Kurt (Puck/Rachel in the show)
Hated Ship(s) & Why: Puck/Quinn - it's just gag-worthy. BLEGH. :(
Favorite Episode(s)/Scene(s) & Why: Preggers, Kurt is absolutely adorable/awesome. He really makes the show IMO.
Hated Episode(s)/Scene(s) & Why: Will sings "Bust a Move" to his students. It was just inappropriate and disturbing.
Favorite Songs(s) & Why: Bust Your Windows - I love Amber's voice in this.
Hated Song(s) & Why: No Air - it was just cliché and silly.
What are you favorite Glee related things to talk about?: Most likely ships or the actors (read: Squee over Mark Salling).
How do you participate in the fandom?: I comment a lot on gleeclub and other comms. I just became a regular at gleenewsletter (posting Tuesdays!)

Favorite Shows?: Supernatural, Merlin, TBBT, True Blood, HIMYM, It's Always Sunny
Favorite Movies?: Shaun of the Dead, 30 Days of Night, Harry Potter, 28 Days Later... I seem to like apocalypse movies...
Favorite Music?: FallOutBoy, MCR, PATD, John Mayer
Favorite Games/Musicals/Etc/Msc. Fandoms?: Anime/Manga, Bandom

Hobbies?: Music, computer, lazying about in style.
What are you studying/what is your job?: Studying psychology which is srsly overwhelming me right now. :(
Marinamoeexyz on October 31st, 2009 09:59 pm (UTC)
Name: Marina
Age: 14
Location: Ireland

Favorite Character(s) & Why: Sue because that's how Sue sees it ;)
Hated Character(s) & Why: I don't really hate any of them, but Will bugs me sometimes
Favorite Ship(s) & Why: Puck/Quinn because he wants her so bad! And Tine/Artie cos they're adorkable
Hated Ship(s) & Why: Will/Emma is kinda tainted now, just not a big fan of the leading on, marrying some one you don't love or cheating on the (fake) pregnant wife sorta thing.
Favorite Episode(s)/Scene(s) & Why: Preggers because everything about it was so awesome! The single ladies dance. Sue's news corner. Everything!
Hated Episode(s)/Scene(s) & Why: Don't hate any, it's been pretty great so far.
Favorite Songs(s) & Why: Taking Chances because it gave me shivers. The thong song cos as awkward at Matt's rapping is I liked it. And Maybe This time because Kristin Chenoweth is amazing!
Hated Song(s) & Why: No Air. I didn't hate it but there wasn't anything really special about it.
What are you favorite Glee related things to talk about?: Mike Chang!
How do you participate in the fandom?: I comment sometimes, mostly lurk around.

Favorite Shows?: Greek, HIMYM, Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy, Skins, 90210, Heroes, House, The Secret Life...
Favorite Movies?: Mouling Rouge, Mean Girls, Cruel Intentions, Beauty And The Beast, The Hangover, Anchorman, Anything Pixar
Favorite Music?: A bit of everything to be honest. I can like on song by a singer and hate another song by the same person. Just depends really.
Favorite Games/Musicals/Etc/Msc. Fandoms?: Guitar Heor and Rockband are my games. I love all musicals, no joke. And fandoms...Cappie and Casey (Greek), Barney and Robin (HIMYM), Effy and Cook (Skins).

Hobbies?: Writing, and just going to the park.
What are you studying/what is your job?: Still in secondary school. God I'm like the baby here :L
Kathleen of the crazy sort.: glee oh-ohhhh!kath_synecdoche on November 1st, 2009 01:20 am (UTC)
Name: Kathleen
Age: 18
Location: Canada!

Favorite Character(s) & Why: Brittany, because she's fierce; Tina because she's sweet and fun; and Rachel because she can sing.
Hated Character(s) & Why: I hate Kendra because she's just insane. I dislike Finn because he's so stupid sometimes.
Favorite Ship(s) & Why: Finn/Rachel, mostly. And Brittany/anyone.
Hated Ship(s) & Why:... Ken/Emma? It is not right.
Favorite Episode(s)/Scene(s) & Why: Pilot, Preggers, Vitamin D, Takedown. They were all about the glee club and their travails, and they were all presented not totally seriously, but very awesomely.
Hated Episode(s)/Scene(s) & Why: My least favourite episode was Acafellas. Not enough glee club!
Favorite Songs(s) & Why: Keep Holding On, because it was EXACTLY right for the moment. Walking on Sunshine/Halo and It's my Life/Confessions, because they were hysterical. Don't Stop Beleiving and Somebody toLove because they are iconic.
Hated Song(s) & Why: I've never really hated any of their songs. They definitely have variable styles, but the songs themselves are good either way.
What are you favorite Glee related things to talk about?: Characters! Plot! Random things!
How do you participate in the fandom?: britt_cheerio, and posting comments from time to time.

Favorite Shows?: Glee, Gossip Girl, the Rick Mercer Report, the news.
Favorite Movies?: The History Boys, Pride and Prejudice, movie-musicals in general
Favorite Music?: musical theatre!
Favorite Games/Musicals/Etc/Msc. Fandoms?: Harry Potter, Spring Awakening, A Very Potter Musical, Next to Normal, bare: A Pop Opera, I am failing at remembering things

Hobbies?: Model UN, procrastinating, rp, writing, reading, travelling,
What are you studying/what is your job?: Arts, either Poli Sci or International Relations!
and your very flesh shall be a great poem: pic#94008591clockwork_jo on November 1st, 2009 01:30 pm (UTC)
Name: Josie
Age: Eighteen
Location: United Kingdom

Favorite Character(s) & Why: Erm, Tina and Artie. And Kurt. And Emma. And Puck. Reasons why, I don't know, it's difficult to say with Tina and Artie because they haven't really had much to do, but I think they're wonderful. ^_^ lmao. Emma is just so adorable, and I love her and Will and I think her clothes are so pretty. Kurt, because he's a-may-ZING and needs no further explanation. And Puck-- Because, well, look at him. Plus, I'm a sucker for the angsty bad boy. =P Don't worry, professional help is being sought.
Hated Character(s) & Why: Terri, but that's just a given.
Favorite Ship(s) & Why: Tina/Artie, it was coming, you knew it. Will/Emma-- I understand her in the Pilot when she was all with the unrequited love. And I still have faith that once the babydrama with Terri finishes, she'll be there to scoop up the pieces, probably give them a little bit of a clean and they can be together. YAY. Oh, and Quinn/Puck, because I am a sucker for mean people with hidden, tortured pasts.
Hated Ship(s) & Why: Terri/Will? Though, I doubt many people are on that. Ken/Emma... See: Terri/Will. Puck/Rachel. It was cute while I lasted but I just thought it was rushed, one day she makes him want to set himself on fire and the next day they're macking?
Favorite Episode(s)/Scene(s) & Why: 'Throwdown'- Sue and Will were magickal. The music was lush. 'Preggers' for Kurt scenes (that last one is so beautiful, and Chris smashes it) and Tina singing. Pilot. Because it's the pilot and it made me fall in love with this fantabulous show. I am indebted.
Hated Episode(s)/Scene(s) & Why: Errrrrrm. I don't know, I don't really hate any episodes or scenes. I just don't like them as much as others. *cheesy diplomatic smile*
Favorite Songs(s) & Why: 'Don't Stop Believing', 'Somebody To Love', 'Keep Holding On', 'It's My Life/Confessions', 'Hate On Me', erm... many, many others.
Hated Song(s) & Why: I was not a huge fan of 'No Air'-- It was just... Gr, I'll admit it, it was those industrial-strength fans.
What are you favorite Glee related things to talk about?: Erm, Tina and Artie. Yes, in abundance. The music. The characters. All the reasons you watch the show.
How do you participate in the fandom?: I write fanfiction and squee like it's my dayjob.

Favorite Shows?: Dollhouse, Greys Anatomy, Private Practice, Lie To Me, Bones, Flashforward, Fringe, Buffy, Firefly, Heroes, House, others?? Yes. ^_^
Favorite Movies?: Erm, Fight Club, Little Miss Sunshine, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Romeo + Juliet, The Breakfast Club, Juno, Garden State. And some more, but there's so many that I can't list.
Favorite Music?: I like a bit of everything, so I really couldn't choose. But I guess, indie, rock, dark cabaret, pop/rock, alternative, acoustic, stuff like that. I give everything a try though.
Favorite Games/Musicals/Etc/Msc. Fandoms?: Erm. I don't know... =/ Awkward...

Hobbies?: Writing, reading, but mainly just boodling along trying to find something to do, haha.
What are you studying/what is your job?: I'm currently studying childcare (nearly finished, WOOHOO), and work in a pre-school, but I eventually plan on becoming a councillor or therapist. I just need to save up to go back to education.
theatre_geek11theatre_geek11 on November 2nd, 2009 05:53 pm (UTC)
Name: Julie
Age: 16
Location: Missouri

Favorite Character(s) & Why: Puck! I love his voice and he's so funny sometimes.
Hated Character(s) & Why: Terri & her sister Kendra. They're so fricking crazy!
Favorite Ship(s) & Why: Will & Emma. I think they would be so cute together.
Hated Ship(s) & Why: Finn & Quinn. She's way too controlling of him.
Favorite Episode(s)/Scene(s) & Why: Preggers when the football team did the Single Ladies dance. It was so funny and reminded me of my friend Boy Sam.
Hated Episode(s)/Scene(s) & Why: I don't really have a hated episode although I didn't like the way Finn messed with Rachel's head in The Rhodes Not Taken.
Favorite Songs(s) & Why: Sweet Caroline (because I love Mark Salling's voice) Bust A Move (because it's one of my favorite songs) and Hate On Me (because I love Mercedes)
Hated Song(s) & Why: I'm getting sick of the constant Finn & Rachel duets
What are you favorite Glee related things to talk about?: everything & anything
How do you participate in the fandom?: I read and write fanfics.

Favorite Shows?: Supernatural, White Collar, Skins, Entourage...
Favorite Movies?: Lords of Dogtown, A Knight's Tale, She's The Man, The Dark Knight...
Favorite Music?: just about anything, my tastes are very eclectic.
Favorite Games/Musicals/Etc/Msc. Fandoms?: Wicked, Rent, sometimes Halo

Hobbies?: writing
What are you studying/what is your job?: the typical Junior stuff.