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Terri's Twisted Tall Tales

made by risti

Terri's up to her mischief again, and is checking up on your perspective.

When we were young, our mother sat my sister and I down to teach us what was probably the most important lesson of my life. She taught us how to lie to get ahead in life.

See, the world is divided into two categories, people who are smart enough to lie and shape the world around them, and people who are too dumb to figure out what's going on. By this point, it's clear who on Glee is a liar, and who is comfortable going through life believing that the swine flu really did come from pigs.

(When everyone knows it came from Mexico.)

1. Will and Finn both believe that impending fatherhood is hanging over their heads. Who will be more surprised to find out this isn't the case?

2. Quinn slept with her boyfriend's best friend, but Puck slept with his best friend's girlfriend. Before there was ever a baby involved, which of these two should have told Finn? Why do you think each of them felt the need to hide this?

3. Sue is clearly hiding something in her decision to continue "helping" with Glee. What do you think she's up to?

4. Quinn is now not only hiding the true paternity of her child, but she's also now involved in hiding my secret to Will. How do you think she reacted when she first heard about this? Why did she agree to go along with the scheme?

5. Rachel knows at this point that Finn is at the very least conflicted about his feelings for her. She also seems to have guessed that Puck has feelings for Quinn. How much more do you think she'll be able to figure out on her own? How will she react when she finds out the truth of what's going on?
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