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11/02/09: Quinn's Cheerios Dish (Rachel's Interview)

made by nuclearpez

Seems like Rachel popped in for an Interview today...

So I'm changing things up a bit. I decided while everyone is around, instead of me just telling you things about them, alright, I'll interview them and then you guys get to do you're own sort of like... interviews.

So that's right everyone. Since I'm doing Rachel today, you guys can ask her anything you want and the like.

  • Uses tons of hairspray daily

  • Puts a gold start next to her name every time she jots it down.

  • Sung "On My Own" from Les Miserables for her audition for New Directions.

  • Turned Sandy Ryerson in to Principal Figgins for supposedly giving Hank Sanders the solo she deserved.

  • Raised by two gay dads. Selected a potential surrogate based on beauty and IQ, the fathers then mixed their sperm in a turkey baster dso she has no idea who the real father is.

  • Given dance lessons and vocal lessons since her youth.

  • Her laptop ht home is pink and covered in flowers and a sticker that says 'Hot Stuff'

  • Posts a Mypsace video of herself singing every day. (Back on the Cheerios we all gave her her... only comments.)

  • Develops a crush on Finn (MY boyfriend) after he joins Glee.

  • Tends to take over Glee, interm director, when Mr. Shu quits.

  • Won her first dance competition when she was 3 months old.

  • Wars a star of david.

  • Tries to throw up in order to lose weight but can't do it.

  • Created fliers to try to promote Glee Club.

  • Rachel briefly joins celibacy club.

  • Jacob Ben Isreal has a crush on her.

  • Believes in contraception over abstinence.

  • Rachel came up with the idea for the "Push It" assembly.

  • Made out with Finn.

  • Her Don't Stop Believing Solo was given to me.

  • With our help Rachel told Mr. Shu that they wanted to replace his dance steps with those of Dakota Stanley.

  • She bakes her 'famous' sugar cookies which she makes for the poor during Christmas time. Uses them to apologize to Mr. Shu.

  • Respects Barbara Striesand

  • Rachel requested that anything from West Side Story went to her, as she has had a deep connection to the role of Maria and Natalie Wood since the age of 1

  • Rachel has a weakness for Liza Minelle and Celine Dione

  • Practices ballet at the school.

  • Quits Glee when Tina is given the part of Maria instead of her and joins the school play.

Rhodes Not Taken
  • Is a sophmore, Age 16.

  • Rachel feels threatened by April.

  • Pink's her favorite color.

  • Rachel considers coming back to Glee for Finn.

  • Leaves Glee Club again when she finds out Finn got me pregnant, and lied about his returned feelings for her to try to win her back to Glee Club for his music scholarship

  • Is given complete artistic control of the musical.

  • Goes as an understudy for April when she decides to quit the play.

Vitamin D
  • Rachel picked the mash-up of Halo/Walking on Sunshine.

  • Rachel doesn't hate Quinn.

  • People, okay well, I drew porn of Rachel on the bathroom walls.

  • Rachel and us girls take 'Vitamin D' to compete with the guys.

  • Wakes up at 6am every day by the song 'Break my Stride'. Has a protein shake with banana and flaxseed Oil. By 6:10 she's on her elliptical.

  • Set a goal for getting a Grammy.

  • 'America needs optimism, sunshine... also angels.'

  • Admit to Mr. Shu that they we took meds.

  • It says 'girl power' in Rachel's locker.

  • Jacob's blog is all about Rachel.

  • Rachel gave Jacob bough panties to keep the story underwraps about Quinn.

  • Rachel practices singing with Puck, and then makes out with him. He hooked up with her because she was a 'hot jew'

  • Rachel's favorite slushie flavor is grape.

  • Worked with Finn on his High B for weeks.

  • Starts dating Puck publicly for a bit until they both realize they are just temporary fixes instead of being with the ones they want to be with.

Hey everyone.

As to be expected, I may be famous today so feel this would be an excellent opportunity to hone my interview skills. So don't be shy, I'd love to give you all my expertise.

Riiight. Anyway. I've got some questions for you guys about Rachel here, but go ahead and ask your own to her, or you can ask me something since I'm always here.

Quinn's Queries
  1. What aspects of Rachel do you like? Which do you dislike?

  2. What do you think Rachel's relationship is like with her two fathers?

  3. Why do you believe Rachel has feelings for Finn?

  4. Though her singing talent is great, what do you think is her biggest achilles heel? Do you think she'll ever be able to reach her ambitions?

  5. Why do you believe Rachel was so willing to hook up with Puck?

  6. Rachel and I started this sort of odd relationship... where do you think it'll go?

  7. There seems to be a constant pull between Will-Rachel-Finn, all pushing and pulling one another in and out of Glee. Do you see this as always being the case? How does Rachel's relationships with the two males affect her descisions?

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