10/27/09: Emma's Love Counseling

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* Deciding which ships to focus on this week was tricky. Better to post late than never, I hope! *

Emma wants to help you clean up your love life.

One of the trickiest parts of love is getting to be with the person you really want. Students will come to my office for a talk because the person they like is dating someone else and they feel helpless to deal with so much pent-up emotion. Talking the matter over with someone trustworthy is an excellent way of coping with a difficult situation. Sometimes your true love is married and expecting a child, and you end up consoling yourself with gym teachers and Jane Austen adaptations for television. Or so I've heard. A lot of people end up settling for something else when they can't get what they really want.

As a drug addict once said, "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need." Today's discussion focuses on "consolation prize" relationships: Puck/Rachel and Ken/Emma. Oh, dear, that sounds so terrible when put that way. I suppose it's honest, though.

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10/26/09: Quinn's Cheerios Dish (Will Shuester Analysis)

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*sorry it ran late everyone!*

Quinn is making up for her sins and wants to get to know you.

Okay, so like, I promised I give you guys all the dirt on everyone, sort of to get myself to get to know everyone a bit better. I like being on top of things, get it? So First on the pile today is Mr. Shu. To help you guys out I'm preparing a little print up on all the bits and pieces of Mr. Shu that we know up till now. Then it's for you guys to pick at it and fill in, you know, what's in between the line and all.

Also hey people. I'll be updating these lists and all for you guys later so you can also add more about Mr. Shu later.

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Quinn's Queries
(All questions are optional, you may write your own take on Mr. Shu's character, these are just helpers!)
  1. We had the opportunity to meet Mr. Shu's parents. What do you about them helped shape who Mr. Shu is today?

  2. What do you think Mr. Shu was like back in high school? How do you think his relationship with Terri played out?

  3. Mr. Shu mentions a lot to Finn that they are quite simmilar. Do you believe this to be the case? What parallels/differences can you draw?

  4. Mr. Shu is always trying to balance his old dreams of reviving his high school years and supporting the kids, what sort of direction do you believe this will take in the future?

  5. Do you like or dislike Mr. Shu?

  6. Mr. Shu is influenced a lot by the people around him. What do they bring out of him(Terri, Sue, Emma, Finn, Rachel, etc)?

  7. Ms. Pillsbury has always been Mr. Shu's confidant. How do you believe Mr. Shu's relationship started with Ms. Pillsbury? Where do you believe their relationship stands now?

  8. What comes first in Mr. Shu's life?


10/25/09 Terri's Twisted Tall Tales

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Terri's up to her mischief again, and is checking up on your perspective.

One of the reasons I was so popular in high school is because I wasn't hung up on trying to be anything but popular. This allowed me the freedom to always do what others expected of me, without any of my own feelings getting in the way. Will was lucky, really, that he had me to guide him in this, because sometimes I don't think he realized that he could only be popular and be in Glee Club as long as everyone else continued to believe that Glee Club was cool, and the opinions of the school were really beyond his control.

Collapse )That's why Quinn Fabray and I have so much in common, except for how I was smart enough not to get pregnant in high school. She's really lucky that she also has a boyfriend who understands how important it is to make sure everyone else approves of the choices that you make.

As for the rest of those kids in Glee, well, I can't help but question some of their motivations.
  1. How many of them are in Glee because it's something that they love doing, and how many are there because they're looking for a way to fit in or prove themselves?
  2. Is it really possible to be there for both reasons, or will one always win out?
  3. If the most popular kids in the school can't make Glee cool, do they have any chance of ever raising their social status? What else could they possibly do?
  4. Is Emma Pilsbury proof that if you don't learn to be popular in high school, you'll remain lonely and a social failure for the rest of your life?
  5. What about people like Sue Sylvester, who are popular, but still seem to be greedy enough to want more out of life. Should she just realize that you can have success or real relationships in your life, but not both?
Well, what do you think? And don't forget to vote for the most popular kids in GLEEDOL!
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10/24/09 - Puck's Swingin' Saturday


Check out the new folks over in Mercedes'VIP lounge - gleefinders, for whenever you're looking to find some glee. Remember, if anyone else wants a seat on the leather couches, they just need to talk with her.

High school's a popularity contest, right? And I'm pretty close to beating up anyone who suggests that those of us in Glee aren't popular. Mr S said something about democracy, and then Rachel pointed out how everyone loves American Idol.

Sometimes, Rachel has some pretty smart ideas.

So here's the deal. The next three week's of Puck's Swingin' Saturdays are going to be dedication to GLEEDOL, where all of you folks will eventually pick the most popular member of the Glee Club.

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And while GLEEDOL is going on, Mr Schue said we can relax the rules on images and videos in these posts, but only members of this community can vote!

So go vote, and then tell people why they should vote for your favorites in the comments.

10/23/09 - Finn's Spoiler Play-By-Play

made by risti

Finn needs some help collecting up all the spoils

Wow, so, three weeks before another episode, and I'm shocked at how much you people to already know about what's coming! Any word yet on whether we win Sectionals? Because I think Coach is mad that I decided to do both, but I did it because I think we might actually have a chance of winning something with Glee, and that's never going to happen in football. (And there's something funny going on with Puck lately, and anytime I try to talk to him, he seems to change the subject. Maybe he's just concerned about me and the baby. He keeps asking me about Quinn, after all. I didn't expect him to be such a good friend about it.)

I've put together a list of everything that's out there, and I also have a few questions I'd like to ask.

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10/22/09: Kurt's Viewing Party (Mash-Up 1.08)

made by nuclearpez

Even though WE all chose Glee Club I guess the nation is all into baseball? What's the big deal anyway? I don't know about you guys but we are clearly far cooler than any of those men swinging around their bats and running around in circles. WHATEVER. So after this little discussion I guess we'll do a bit of a rewatch while having to suffer the wait for the new moments and where I finally get to sing.

Anyway, getting sidetracked loves, so best to be back to getting on topic.

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10/21/09: Tina's Snapshots (Takedown 1.07)

made by nuclearpez

Tina wants to take you through Takedown with a keen eye.

I, uh, have been taking s-some photos d-during our experiences in Glee. This was from when M-ms. Sylvester helped us out. Since I am not such a great t-talker I figured I'd let my pictures do most of the t-talking.

Q-questions are posted interspersed between the images, b-but at the end they're reorganized f-for your convenience.

So, uh, h-hope you guys like them!

WARNING: I-If you have slow browsers there are a lot of photos!

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S-Saw other things that I d-didn't catch? H-Have questions of your own?
Post them all here!

Have pictures and clips of your own?
P-please share them if they are related to t-this post!

10/20/09: Emma's Love Counseling

made by littledust

Emma wants to help you clean up your love life.

Love can be messy. As a high school guidance counselor, I've seen plenty of sticky love situations. Sometimes the situations are so sticky that there's no way of scraping off all the icky metaphorical adhesive, and you end up crying into your engagement champagne... That was another metaphor. The point is, teenagers and adults alike have their share of romantic problems, and talking about them is the best way to achieve resolution and move on. Honesty is the key to a healthy relationship. Deceiving others or deceiving yourself hurts everyone! Except when it's your only chance to avoid dying alone, because animals shed too much for you to even become a crazy cat lady. That was another metaphor. Again.

Sometimes people don't realize that established relationships need careful maintenance and discussion. Staying together is just as difficult as getting together. Today we'll be focusing on Glee's established couples: Finn & Quinn and Will & Terri. My questions will, of course, be neutral and non-judgmental.

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10/19/09: Quinn's Cheerios Dish (General Character Analysis)

made by nuclearpez

Quinn is making up for her sins and wants to get to know you.

To keep us on top of the social sphere, Ms. Sylvester made sure we knew the ins-and-outs of this school like the back of our hands. We were her moles and it was our duty, and MY duty as the head Cheerio, to know every teacher and student record. We were to get as much dirt on them as we possibly could. Yes, that's right. Since Mr. Shu took over, Ms. Sylvester has especially been keeping records on everyone in the Glee Club, to make sure she can tear it down. She'd insist she'd take care of our homework so we could focus on these records, saying that "math is for ugly people'"and that "having dirt to throw into the eyes of others to bring them to delicious delicious tears".

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10/18/09 - Terri's Twisted Tall Tales (Overarching Plot Analysis)

made by risti

Terri's up to her mischief again, and is checking up on your perspective.

I've always told Will, life is all about balance. That's why I redecorated our apartment in the Feng Shui line from Sheets 'n Things last month. I like to think that I lead a very balanced life. I manage my high-stress management position at Sheets 'n Things, keep our home a healthy and happy place, and even manage to find time to find a baby to complete our family.

See, balance.

I don't know if Will always gets this. That's why I wanted him to take that accounting position. So that his life would be a balance of work, which he may not enjoy, but it would allow us to be happier at home, because we'd have more freedom to do all the things we need to do. That's the way life is supposed to be. You balance an unhappy work life with a happy home life. Sometimes I think Will has this reversed, and he spends all his time making sure he's happy at work, and then, well.

Not balanced.

So, to teach you the importance of balance, I've had Howard prepare a list of questions. Be sure to think hard on this. It's a very important lesson for your future life, trust me!
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